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asphalt surface replacementOften the actual base course of a parking lot or gas station forecourt is in good condition and thus full reclamation is not needed. If this is the case we are able to save the owner considerable expense by Asphalt milling (commonly called Asphalt Grinding, Cold Planing, profiling or pavement milling), which will bring the surface back to looking like new.

This process involves removing the top surface layer of asphalt using a large mobile milling machine. The machine grinds the asphalt into small chunks which are automatically conveyed into a truck travelling slowly just ahead of the mobile milling machine. These trucks then haul the asphalt to recycling plants. This recycled material is then further ground up and used as the aggregate in new pavement. The recycled aggregate is used in a hot asphalt mix and combined with a binding agent.

The remaining surface after cold milling and before the new surface is laid is still drivable, and most drivers have experienced driving on this surface during road resurfacing.

Asphalt Milling | Cold Milling  Cheap Parking lot RepairsOnce the old pavement asphalt layer has been removed, a new asphalt layer is laid down in its place.

There are many reasons why clients choose asphalt milling, mainly because: