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Customer Feedback Asphalt Contractor ReviewsWe are extremely proud of the hard work, attention to detail and commitment our team has to ensure a quality job is done an to the high standards expected by our customers.

However, it is how our customers feel about our work that is paramount not what we think. So we have selected some reviews from past and current ( emails, letters etc.) and printed excerpts below.


" What a transformation you have made to our car lot. As you are aware when we met, it looked run down and just gave a poor impression to customers.

Your Sealcoating did what you promised and now it looks like new! Great Work! "


" Awesome Job! Your strategy to zone different areas of the car park worked great. Disruption was minimal to staff and customers and the results speak for themselves.

I will recommend you to our neighboring car lot as it will help improve the look of our community! "

Markings / Striping

" Dear Jon, I just wanted to write and let you know how pleased we are with the results. The car lot markings look excellent and the colors are vivid and eye catching.

I am sure it will help keep our car lot safer for both our drivers and pedestrians. Thanks again. "

Full Reclamation

" To all the staff at Toritom Services, we just wanted to express our delight regarding how wonderful the car park asphalt and the entrance/exits look. We previously had numerous complaints about the numerous potholes and as I mentioned some angry customers were threatening to bill us for damage to their alloys.

The situation was becoming ridiculous and it was only a matter of time before we would have no doubt being liable for someone tripping and injuring themselves. Thank you for making our car lot safer and look like new. "


"You guys rock! The horrible cracked grey asphalt in front of our store gave such a bad impression to customers. Our competitors just looked better and being situated only half a mile away, their car park was more inviting while our car park made you want to double check your truck was locked!

In fact we are discussing remodeling the store entrance to maintain that great first impression as they enter the store.

Jon, please tell your guys, they did a superb job! "

Disabled Bay Marking

" Dear Jon, I just wanted to let you know that we have received several compliments on the newly painted Disabled Parking Bays. Using paint to create the walkway along the top was a great idea and has improved safety for our customers.

Many of our customers are of an older demographic and am sure this will actually bring more business as they are fickle on who they decide to spend their money with, yet are extremely loyal when shown considerations such as this. If you need a recommendation letter for your marketing efforts, please do not hesitate to ask. "

Parking Lot Maintenance

"Hi Jon,

Thanks for organizing the oil residue clean up which had made the parking bays look awful,then doing a great looking sealcoat and striping job. Your knowledge, expertize and performance made it an easy decision to sign up for your car lot maintenance program. Keep up the great work and see you in 3 years! "

Pothole Repairs

" Dear Jon,

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the great work you guys did repairing all the car park potholes. It was an eyesore and dangerous. I have spoke to head office and will be asking for a budget so that we can get on the maintenance program you mentioned. One again, many thanks. "

Full Reclamation

"To the Toritom Team. It was a pleasure to work with you on this major project for our plaza. Your ability to work while still maintaining a partially operational car parking area worked like a charm.
We had zero customer complaints regarding disruption and now that it is fully done, the car park looks great and we are getting positive feedback every day. "